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Thinking of either Getting Home Insurance or a renewal ? We might be able to get you a better deal


Home insurers see cylinder locks as a vulnerable method of security as they are at risk to a technique known as lock snapping.

Standard Cylinder Lock  VS  The ABS

What is Lock Snapping?

Some of you may have heard of "Lock Snapping" or even "Lock Bumping". Lock snapping is an extremely common method utilised by burglars to break into a property. As Cylinder Locks are so common, (Almost all UPVC doors have a cylinder lock, and a significant number of composite and aluminum doors have them).

Burglars have used this to their advantage to target their weakness as outlined in the image above. Lock Snapping involves breaking the cylinder to then manipulate the lock to open. This can be done by using a variety of everyday DIY Tools and does not require any specialist tools or knowledge! It has been proven to take just 15 seconds to break into a standard euro cylinder. 

"25% of all burglary's involve Lock Snapping"

Why choose ABS?

The ABS lock was created to further prevent break-ins with its NEW SECURE ANTI-SNAP TECHNOLOGY.

This is why ABS is seen as the most secure lock you could have on your home and could in fact get you a better deal on your home insurance.

ABS is the only lock model on the market that comes in a range of colour options and full product range. For example, in some cases, your insurance provider may require you to also have a secure padlock for your gate and garden shed, which we can also secure using ABS. 

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