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Keep Your Home Secure


Did you know how easy it is for someone to cut a copy of your key?

With technology advancing every day, it has become increasingly easy for people to intrude into your home and violate your privacy.

Need a key cutting for any standard euro cylinder? - Easy! You can simply pop to any of your local key cutter shops and they will have no problem making you a copy of a key for your home.

"But how safe is this?" , What if your keys got in the wrong hands?

"Should it really so easy to copy a key?"

There is a solution: The Key Code

With ABS, your keys come with a unique keycode registration card that you need to register as soon as you receive them. Without this, ABS elite centres like us can refuse to cut your keys.

ABS locks and keys do not get registered to your address.They ONLY get  registered to YOU!


ABS keys are specially designed to prevent lock-bumping. Unlike the standard cylinder key, ABS keys have a magnetic pin that can be positioned in various different positions on the key. This makes it even harder to attack! They also come with a Key Registration Card which users need to register in order to get any extra keys cut.

We like to take care of our customers, and that means making them secure! That is why ABS have made getting a key cut, a little bit more protected. You can't be too careful when it comes to keeping your house secure, which is why we recommend not to give out your key to anyone!







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