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    Simply choose your size, finish, key and lock quantities below.

    These keyed alike locks are sold in pairs as standard and each lock comes with 3 keys. (6 in total).

    If you want to buy a a group of locks of any type from this site to operate off the same key simply add a suite reference. Need more info?

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    If you are ordering more than two cylinders to work from the same key you will only receive a total of 3 keys per suite NOT PER CYLINDER.

    If you require more than 3 keys for all the cylinders in a suite, please order additional/extra keys from the option on the product page.

    The exception to this, is our keyed alike pair for french doors. As these locks are already suited together, you will receive a total of 6 keys if included in a suited order.

    E.g. Ordering 4 regular cylinders and selecting Suite ID: Suite1 on each cylinder will = 3 Keys in total

    Ordering 1 French door keyed alike pair + 3 regular cylinders under Suite ID 1 = 6 Keys in total

  • Features

    • TS007 3 Star rated out of the box - no need for cylinder guards or security handles
    • SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Accredited
    • No additional prep - easy retrofit
    • Our unique patented Snap Secure Technology - Cam locks against the internal locked side of the cylinder making the cylinder impervious to manual attack after snapping
    • Anti-Snap, Pick, drill & bump resistant
    • British Standard Kitemark logo stamped
    • Police preferred Secured by Design accreditation
    • Available in keyed alike, thumbturn, singles** & double profile formats


  • Technical Info

    British Kitemark No. KM 586153 - TS 007:2014 (3 Star rated)
    BS EN 1303:2005 Classification: 16000C52
    Performance: Endurance tested to 100,000 operations
    Corrosion resistance: Meets requirements of BS EN1670:2007 - Grade Class 3

    Material Specifications

    Coating Details: Polished Brass & Polished Chrome Plated

    Additional Information

    Pins: 8 + 1 magnetic
    Keys: Supplied with 3 keys per cylinder 

    Available in sizes from 30-60mm in 5mm increments for both internal and external parts of the cylinder. All sizes from 35-60mm internal and external key/key and thumbturn are 3 star kitemark stamped on the front of the cylinder. 

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